What are they?

Nanoleaf's light panels are an instant dance party. The triangular panels clip together in a multitude of shapes, allowing you to decorate lounges, offices or bedrooms any way you like. Turn them on, connect them to an app and you can bathe your room in pink hues, dark blues or colourful rainbows. The options are endless.

How do they work? Once you've unboxed your starter pack, you'll need to affix little sticker pads to the back of each triangle shape, then clip them together on the wall or roof of your choosing. This took me a little bit of rearranging to get right, but once they're clipped together and plugged in, everything's controlled via the app.

What's the best feature? The Nanoleaf app will become your best friend. It's your control panel, allowing you to mix things up from relaxing colour combos to full-on dance parties. The Rhythm Module, purchased separately, is also great for timing the lights to music. It's truly lit, fam.

And the worst? Moving them from one wall to another should be as simple as tearing off the sticker pads and realigning them. But it isn't. I managed to pull out a chunk of wall while moving them around the lounge, requiring some patching up with gap filler. And the lengthy power pack and plug cord can get in the way. One day, cool gadget things like this will be completely wireless and life will be perfect.

Nanoleaf light panels affix to walls in different shapes and sizes.
Nanoleaf light panels affix to walls in different shapes and sizes.

So how much are they?

A starter pack with nine light panels costs $339.99, while three-pack add-on triangles are $119.99. If you want to design more complicated shapes, you'll be wanting at least one set of those. There's also the Rhythm Module (99.95) available, and a dice-shaped remote control ($99.99). But they're nice-to-have's, not necessities.