What are they?

Jaybird tout their new Run headphones as "true wireless". It's an important distinction. Many brands claim their headphones are wireless, but in reality include a wire to connect each ear piece together. These don't. They're more like Apple's Air Buds, in that they have two separate units that sync together. That's pretty cool.

How do they work? Amazingly easily, actually. I opened the box, found the correct size of ear fittings on the first go, turned them on and synced them with my phone and Apple Music. Then I was away. The buttons on the outside of the units are easy to get the hang of and let you adjust volume and calls. They're also sweatproof and water resistant.

Jaybird Run headphones come with two separate ear units that are totally wireless.
Jaybird Run headphones come with two separate ear units that are totally wireless.

What's in the box?


Everything you need to get up and running: several sets of ear fittings and tips, a handy pouch and a charging case. The case, a small, smooth cylinder, is worth a special mention: not only is it beautifully designed, it's also a breeze to charge these things up. They'll last for four hours, and the case holds another eight.

What's the best thing about them? How well they've been designed. I've trialled several sets of sports headphones and they rarely stay in place for long. But after several sessions, these didn't fall out or require adjusting. If you're heading out on long runs or, as they promotional photos suggest, mountain jogs, you'll be safe and secure with these. There's also an app that will help you find a missing ear bud.

And what's the worst? The sound quality isn't quite as good as it could be. There's still a payoff for truly wireless headphones, and this is it. It's not that they sound bad, but if you're used to better-quality over-ear headphones, you'll notice the difference.

Okay, how much are they? Jaybird Run headphones retail at $329.99.