If you were ever wanting a solid gold iPhone X, now's your chance.

A solid gold version of Apple's new iPhone X has gone on sale in the US with a hefty US$70,000 price tag - almost $100,000.

The diamond-embellished smartphone named the Ingot 250 model was customised by luxury goods maker Brikk and is covered in 250g of gold.

The smartphone, suitable for a Saudi Arabian prince, is top of a new collection of 20 models from Brikk, all based on the iPhone X with 256GB of storage and a 5.8in OLED screen. The Ingot is also available as an Ingot 108 - for US$44,995 ($62,000) - which features 108g of gold, a slightly more affordable option.


Brikk says its luxury creations aims to "afford unmatched opulence to its exclusive clientele worldwide".

The iPhones are available in 24-carat yellow gold, 18-carat rose gold or platinum.

Customers may also choose to embellish the various devices with diamonds, adding up to 12 carats of perfect white diamonds to each device, other precious stones can also be arranged.

The US $70,000 Lux iPhone Deluxe covered in diamonds. Photo / Australscope
The US $70,000 Lux iPhone Deluxe covered in diamonds. Photo / Australscope

Designs with diamonds and other precious stones fall under Brikk's Lux collections.

"The Lux luxury line stands out thanks to its meticulous production processes," Brikk says.

The company says each piece is disassembled inside its state-of-the-art laboratory in Los Angeles, by a team of highly skilled engineers.

"They are hand polished, prepared and plated with multiple layers of diverse metals before their final coating in either two layers of gold or platinum.

"The high quality diamonds are set with a microscope in a custom-made machined bezel. Each piece is then reassembled and tested before shipping to clients, ensuring the product meets only the highest quality control standards."