Bishop Brian Tamaki's Destiny Church faced a "drag queen disco" protest this morning - and even some church members tooted in support.

Protesters grooving to the Village People's YMCA disco anthem were gathered outside the Manukau church in light of Tamaki's recent comments about homosexuals having caused the Kaikoura earthquakes.

Event organiser Wayne Baker said the LGBT community "wasn't going to tolerate hatred".

Baker, who earlier said they were expecting around 100 people to participate in the protest, this afternoon said he thought the "drag queen disco" protest outside Destiny Church was a great success.


"It went really well. We had a lot of toots of support from the public and cheering and waving."

Baker said to their surprise, they even had people who attended the service tooting and waving as they left the church's car park.

The protest organiser said it suggests the opinions of Tamaki are not representative of everyone.

"It just goes to show the views of Brian Tamaki are the views of Brian Tamaki."

Baker said the atmosphere was "quite fun," with participants of the protest grooving to the hit YMCA.

"It felt like a party, but at 10am."

Around 25 people attended the protest, both young and old - kids included.

Baker said he had been "quite worried" about potential abuse from members of Destiny Church, but it was a very positive experience.

"They got the message. They saw us. And we had a good time."

Before the event Baker had said that they had planned "to be out front doing some chanting, playing some gay anthems probably. We'll have a drag show or two."

He said the protest was promoted as "family-friendly and fun".

The event organiser said they had received a bit of a backlash on their Facebook event page, where some commenters defended Tamaki, saying "he has gay friends".

"Someone said we were sexualising the event because of the drag ... All we want to do is raise awareness, to show the LGBT community won't tolerate this sort of behaviour."

Tamaki told Destiny Church members last month that the earth "convulses under the weight of certain human sin".