The Brisbane stalker who set a murderous trap for a young doctor he'd met on Tinder punched his ex-wife in the face twice as he tried to crash their car at speed.

Paul Lambert was shot dead by police on Thursday after stabbing Port Macquarie woman Angela Jay 11 times when she arrived home to find he'd broken into her house.

Lambert had poured petrol through her bedroom and was waiting for Dr Jay with a knife and cable ties, her underwear laid out on the bed.

But the Courier-Mail has revealed Lambert, a self-described "psychopath", had a long and dangerous history of terrorising women.


His criminal history reached back to 2003, when he was ordered by a Brisbane court to undergo psychiatric treatment for using a carriage service to menace or harass.

A year later, he fronted Rockhampton Magistrates Court where he was convicted of breaching previous court ­orders and fined for again using a carriage service to menace or harass.

Lambert was convicted and fined in 2007 for breaching his release conditions again, and in 2011 was fined without conviction for common assault.

He was deported from the US last year for stalking, threatening and attempting to extort television reporter ­Brittany Ann Keil, who was so terrified of Lambert that she couldn't sleep or eat.

On February 22, Lambert was driving his then-wife Samantha Inkpen to see a Justice of the Peace to sign ­documents for their divorce when he began abusing her.

He told her he "may as well crash the car" before slamming his foot on the accelerator.

A terrified Inkpen began screaming and tried to push his foot on to the brake pedal and take control of the steering wheel.

But Lambert punched her twice in the face, bruising her cheek and splitting her lip.

He eventually stopped the car and Inkpen escaped to a nearby house. That same day, police tried to pull Lambert over but he took off. They called off the chase ­almost immediately for safety reasons.

In the days that followed, the serial stalker flooded Inkpen with Facebook messages, claiming he wanted to end his own life.

"I still can't fully believe what happened did [sic], I can still hear your screams. I'm scum. A dog. You name it that's me," he wrote in the first message. "How can I saw [sic] I love you when I hit you and lost it on you. I rang police and admitted it. I have told many people I did too."

The messages continued for three days before Lambert handed himself in to police.