The most popular YouTube video of all time is Korean pop star Psy's 2012 hit

Gangnam Style

, which as of Friday afternoon, had 2,492,153,051 views.


2 Kim Kardashian was the most Googled person in NZ last year, as well as in many other countries including France and the US.

3 The most subscribed YouTube channel in NZ is fashion and beauty vlog Shaaanxo.

4 New Zealanders are among the most prolific Facebook users. A recent survey found 68 per cent of NZ respondents used Facebook for up to 30 minutes at a time, behind the UK (71 per cent) and ahead of America (67 per cent).

5 The most watched YouTube ad in NZ last year was Air New Zealand's Men in Black Safety Defenders.

6 The top 10 most Googled search terms in New Zealand in 2015 were Agario, Cricket World Cup, Cyclone Pam, Natalia Kills, Jonah Lomu, Google Classroom, Lamar Odom, Rugby World Cup, Jerry Collins and Caitlyn Jenner.

7 As of October 2015, there were 1,926,000 broadband connections and 53,000 dial-up connections in NZ, of which 1,661,000 were residential and 316,000 business or government.

8 NZ has had broadband since 1999, when Telecom New Zealand began providing it under the name Jetstream.

9 The most followed NZ Twitter accounts are Lorde (4,115,188 followers) Tattooed Mulligan (922,465) Daniel Gillies (740,571) Zane Lowe (686,264) and All Blacks (590,978).

10 According to testmy.net, New Zealand's average download speed is 11.6 Mbps.