Key Points:

This week's top sites to visit over the weekend include one to help you waste some serious time, a slightly eerie peek into how much Google is following you, and an online shop filled with products you never knew you needed.

1. Get your cute fix

Charming animal memes fill Facebook and Twitter feeds, but this site rolls out one cute animal after another to give you the warm fuzzies over the weekend. Visit: Cuteroulette

2. Waste some serious time

I Waste So Much Time is a website filled with images and short videos that are funny, charming and sometimes just weird. Visit: I Waste So Much Time

3. Teach the kids to read

Starfall is a fabulous site for teaching kids about phonics and early reading skills. Kids can get to know the alphabet and spelling rules with catchy videos. They can also solidify learning with printable activities - all for free. Visit: Starfall

4. Cook something new

Cook something new with NZ Herald's Bite. Photo / Thinkstock Food lovers will love this site! Filled with recipes, food tips and tricks with step-by-step instructions, it pulls together recipes from NZ Herald's popular Bite and Viva magazines. The site is updated regularly. Visit: Bite

5. Browse your history

We all know that web giant Google tracks everything we do on the internet, and this site allows you to log in and view everything you've searched for. Check which blogs you have visited, any Google books you have viewed, maps you've looked at and more. Note that you have the option to delete all the records kept. Visit: Google History

6. Find products you never knew you needed

This is a fun online shop filled with products at various prices - from under $10 to over $50,000. Products include a light-up umbrella, suit pajamas and a dolphin powerboat. Visit: This Is Why I'm Broke

7. Learn fast

This website takes research papers and provides bite-sized summaries of key findings. Covering everything from creativity to nutrition to productivity, it aims to educate in five seconds or less. Visit: Useful Science

8. Redecorate your home

Virtually redecorate your home with Home Styler. Photo / Thinkstock If you are looking at redecorating your home, or even planning a redesign, then this is the site for you. Using 3D images, you can add furniture, colours and more before creating snapshots or 360 panoramas of your designs. Visit: Home Styler

9. Visit perfectly useless websites

While there are excellent websites filled with information or entertainment, some are a waste of time. The Useless Web directs you to one useless site after the other. Visit: The Useless Web

10. Work on a project for the home

What began as a blog in 2007, Tip Junkie is now home to over 16,000 tips, tutorials and printables for the home. Whether you want to learn a new skill, get creative in the home, or start a project this site will have the information you need. Visit: Tip Junkie -