This weekend, we bring you sites where you can see how the other half live, bust through urban myths, read letters that will make you weep or laugh hysterically, or even edit photos like a pro.

Here are our picks of sites to visit this weekend:

1. Sort the facts from the fiction

If you're on social media, then you will have seen the various scare-mongering updates as well as rehashed urban legends. Snope investigates each of these, sorting out fact from fiction, such as the claim that a passenger on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 hid his cell phone and used it to post a picture to the internet after the flight was hijacked and passengers imprisoned.

Visit Snopes


2. Get a hug

Feeling down in the dumps and need a bit of TLC? The Nicest Place on the Internet has lots of strangers who love you and will give you a cyber-hug or tell you that they love you.

Visit the Nicest Place on the Internet

3. Find out about the world when you were born

A fun site, it travels back in time to the year you were born to give you random facts such as the top selling movie of the year, awards and technological advancements to make you feel seriously old.

Visit What Happened in the Year of My Birth

4. Edit photos

PhotoCat is a great site for editing your photos - without the need for expensive software programs.

Visit PhotoCat

5. Help the kids with their homework

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit education tool that allows access to world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Students can make use of the extensive library of content, including challenges, assessments and videos while parents can gain visibility to what their kids are learning.

Visit the Khan Academy

6. Read letters

Photo / Thinkstock

Letters of Note is a remarkable site that showcases old letters, postcards, telegrams and photos. Updated regularly there are letters from politicians, inventors, and the general public.

Visit Letters of Note

7. Sing Karaoke

If you're a fan of letting your hair down and singing your favourite songs but don't care to go out to do so, then Red Karaoke is for you. With 50,000 songs you can choose your song, video and record it and share it (if you want).

Visit Red Karaoke

8. Revamp your wardrobe

Photo / Thinkstock

Stylit allows you to fill out a questionnaire outlining your budget, body type and personal tastes, and professional stylist come up with a weekly outfit from around the internet to suit you.

Visit Stylit

9. Read a manual

If you've ever bought a printer, computer, camera or almost anything that requires a manual (which you've lost, of course) head on over to Manuals Lib, which hosts over a million PDF manuals - just enter your keywords and you'll find it!

Visit Manuals Lib

10. Dream the dreams of billionaires

The Billionaires Shop offers the ultimate in cars, helicopters, jets, residences, yachts and more, all priced to a billionaires budget. Take a look around the site to see how the other half live.

Visit The Billionaires Shop