The thing I love most when writing about tech is the sheer number of crazy yet brilliant ideas I get to see first-hand.

One such example is the Tethercell, announced at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona.

If you've got kids and their battery powered toys are driving you nuts, odds are that you'll like to see what the Tethercell can do. It's a smart Bluetooth connected battery that lets you turn off any AA sized battery powered appliance or noisy toy.

You can also set the Tethercell to alert you when batteries are running low, and even set schedules so toys won't wake you at 7.30 on a Sunday morning. That feature alone is likely to score the big tick from several million frazzled parents.


Getting set up with a Tethercell also looks pretty straightforward. Insert an AAA battery inside the AA sized Tethercell adaptor, insert it into an AA sized battery powered appliance. Once that's done, download and fire up the Tetherboard app, enabling Bluetooth on your smart phone. Peace and quiet awaits. Clever eh!