Kiwi couples say the idea of a linked page made up automatically for them by Facebook - without their permission - is "weird".

Facebook has a new "couples page", where any two people with separate pages and deemed to be in a relationship are given a linked page.

Now all their likes, mutual friends, tagged photos and the posts they have written to each other are shared on the one page, with a timeline, cover photo and profile photo.

A 21-year-old Auckland student, who did not want to be named, said she felt disgusted at the idea as it was overstepping something she felt was her business.


"It's just yuk. I don't want a page like that for me and my boyfriend because it's our business and no one else's. It's disgusting that they think they can do that," she said.

Auckland couple Amelia and Sidney Ene had mixed views about their linked page - which they initially had to alter after Facebook inadvertently posted a photo of a relative as their profile picture.

Information about when the couple first met, when they became engaged and when they married is all posted on the timeline.

"I think it's a little weird," Mrs Ene said.

"We have separate pages because my friends are my friends and Sid's friends are his friends. I don't necessarily want to know what his friends are up to."

Mr Ene said: "I just think it's weird."

One overseas blogger, Jennifer Wright, wrote about the linked page: "I want to vomit."

NetSafe operation manager Lee Chisholm said staff did not feel there were any major issues with the initiative at the moment.

"It's not seriously different to friendship pages, where you are able to do something similar by typing in a friend's name and seeing what you share in common.

"It's not doing anything particularly revealing and couples do still have the power to change what is on there.

"A good thing about it is that only mutual friends are able to view the linked page."

Ms Chisholm acknowledged there was a potential for things to go wrong once a relationship turned sour.

If that happens, a person is able to block or unfriend an ex - deleting the linked page automatically.

Mrs Ene said there was, however, something a little romantic about having a linked page.

"I think it's nice for us, as a couple, as I can see what he's written to me in the past and get to reflect and reminisce about all the nice things he's said to me."