ANZ says its transfer of 2.6 million customer accounts to National Bank IT systems went smoothly over the weekend, despite a few minor technical hiccups.

Work began last Friday to migrate ANZ accounts and customer records onto National Bank's IT platform as part of the merger between the two banks.

Following the switch, all of the banks customers now log into an ANZ-branded online banking website.

While this website has ANZ's branding, it has the layout, processes and features of National Bank's former internet banking service.


ANZ chief operating officer Craig Sims said the National Bank suite of systems was chosen because it was well-liked amongst users and that staff were now helping ANZ customers get familiar with the change.

Sims said the transfer of accounts between the computing platforms went "quite smoothly" with only a few technical issues cropping up.

These included a small number of ATMs being offline yesterday morning that are now back up and running, Sims said.

"There were little technical things but we're happy that yesterday we were able to bring up all of our channels. That means our online banking, our call centre, the IVR [Interactive voice response] systems customers can use their phones for and our branches were ready for opening this morning," Sims said.

"But first week you always remain vigilant to make sure things go well," he said.

While IT systems have been switched and online banking branded to ANZ, National Bank branches will be progressively rebranded over the next two years.

"Progressively from this week staff are in the new ANZ wardrobe. If you go to National Bank branches whilst from the outside of the branch you'll see the old green facade, internally you'll start seeing ANZ promotional material because from today onwards we're presenting ourselves as the ANZ, the physical changing and painting of the branches it's a two year program," Sims said.

Information about the switchover at the ANZ's site here.