Travel is the most common thing people brag about on Facebook, the social media website says.

An infographic released by Facebook, entitled Sharing life's major moments, details the "stories" most shared by users around the world.

Overwhelmingly, travel is the most shared subject, with 42 per cent of stories shared on people's timelines about travel. Moving house is next, on 18 per cent.

Twenty per cent of stories people share on Facebook are centred around romance, with 10 per cent about a new relationship, 9 per cent about getting married, 4 per cent about having a baby, and 2 per cent about getting engaged.


Facebook said the older people get, the more stories about travel they share, while people in Canada share more travel stories than any people of other country.

People in Turkey are most likely to declare they're in a new relationship; people in Germany are most likely to mark when they get a new pet.

Those aged between 13 and 17 are the most likely to share information about new relationships and break-ups than any other age groups. Brazilians share marriage news the most, while Indonesians post the most about engagements and people in Turkey are more likely than anyone else that they're in a new relationship.

After travel and relationships, the Dutch share news of the birth of a baby, and the Japanese...share news of getting new glasses.