The latest Lego action adventure brings fans back to Gotham City, where Batman and Robin are joined by DC's biggest and brightest stars to fend off the forces of evil.

Where there's smoke, there's fire, and where there's Lex Luthor, there's the Man of Steel - righting wrongs and dispensing justice. It's up to Batman and Superman to join forces in an arrangement you'd know the Dark Knight just can't be happy about, but Robin is loving it. You probably will too.

If you are familiar with the Lego action gameplay, here it is smoother than ever before, and the world is bursting with interactive elements which push the replay value through the roof.

The game does suffer at times from jerky controls, some harmless glitches, and some inconvenient camera angles. All things considered though, it's easy to remain in control of the action.


Like so many activities, Lego Batman 2 is better enjoyed with a friend. The sidekick AI is still a pain in the rear and players with a taste for indiscriminate violence might end up killing the Boy Wonder as often as the Joker's henchmen might want to.

Lego Batman 2 makes a massive leap forward by introducing real dialogue in place of the babble of past games, and with such a powerful cast of characters, why not? Listening to plastic Lex Luthor and plastic Bruce Wayne trade barbs over the outcome of a beautifully preposterous "Man of the Year" contest before Gotham's most wicked villains crash the party is blocky, cartoony, cinema gold.

With such a wide range of goodies and baddies, the nyahs and ha-has of previous Lego adventures simply would not have cut it. Lego Batman 2 is the ultimate Saturday morning cartoon come alive, and potentially the best superhero game ever. You certainly won't find a better game with Superman in it, and that's something of an achievement in itself.

This is a first-class adventure for adults and kids alike, best played as a team.

Stars: 4/5
Platform: PS3 (Also on XB360, Wii, PC, PSVita, Nintendo 3DS)
Rated: PG