Inspired by what you've seen on television? Coming up with something for dinner? Cooking to impress? Unsure about a new food fad? Or just into your culinary porn? There are a bunch of reasons why people would search food on the internet.

So what food have Kiwis been the most curious about? Google have just released the list of the top ten foods searched for in NZ this year:

1. Double Down burger:

The controversial bun-less KFC burger made it's way to New Zealand this year. The 600 calorie gutbuster consisted of two pieces of fried chicken wrapped around a slice of bacon, cheese and the "Colonel's own special sauce". A story written by the NZ Herald in March about the impending release of the burger got more than 11,000 Facebook shares, surpassing the most shared story written on the day of the February 22 Christchurch earthquake. It was only available for five weeks and cost game fastfoodies $7.90.


2. Red Velvet cupcakes:

The indulgent maroon cake has stepped in to the spotlight this year, potentially thanks to its mention on popular television show, New Zealand's Hottest Home Baker. Kiwi food blogger, Andrea Wong, says the cupcake explosion has prompted people to try and mix it up in the kitchen. "[Red Velvet cupcakes] have a sense of luxury and they're a little bit different," says the author of So D'lish. Fellow NZ foodie, Rachael McMahon, says American bloggers have been raving about the delicate flavour of the cake, so it's only natural that it's drifted to Kiwi shores.

3. Pizza:

This delicious Italian fastfood favourite is a search staple. Kiwis are tracking down their closest pizza joint, checking out menu options and looking for toppings they can try out at home. It's also likely that an interest in healthier and gluten-free base options has fuelled some traffic. McMahon, author of the blog, Made From Scratch, says a return to home cooking has prompted people to try and whip up their culinary favourites.

4. Macaroon:

There's no doubt the little delicate, softly coloured stacked circles are delicious. And their popularity is evident in cafes across New Zealand and on dessert menus at special events. Plus their appearance in the final episode of MasterChef New Zealand is bound to have boosted their profile. But these sweet treats, popular around Europe, are spelt with one "o" not two. So could it be that Kiwis are mis-spelling their search term? Or are are they actually searching for "macaroon" - a small baked cookie with a sweet coconut flavour, crunchy on the outside and soft in the centre?

5. Buttercream icing:

This versitile icing is easy to work with and can go on just about anything. It's quick to whip up and you can get creative, colouring and flavouring the sweet stuff. Wong says this entry goes hand-in-hand with the cupcake culture thriving in New Zealand. McMahon, a passionate baker, adds that it's one of the only icings you can get a really high peak on which could be boosting it's popularity.


6. Chocolate cupcakes:

These are a classic and always hit the mark. Kiwis are loving cupcakes, and chocolate is always a hit. Rachael says "It's easy, it's fun". McMahon, agrees, saying that getting the girls together for high tea is back in a big way, and chocolate cupcakes always go down well on the tiered platter.

7. Chocolate brownie:

Wong says this is another favourite. "It's just something that people like to cook and it's always popular when people make it," she says. McMahon says their easy to prepare, making them a popular treat. "You don't need fancy ingredients, you don't need fancy kitchenware, you just need a bowl and a whisk. No one will turn down a brownie."

8. Peanut butter cookies:

They've been around in a way for ages, but an American influence on food television and blogs like have sent this sweetie soaring. "The whole peanut butter thing has come back in to fashion," McMahon says.

9. Chicken thigh recipes:

This is the only food related search on the list that specifically mentions "recipe". "People are beginning to realise that thigh meat is juicy and easy to cook," Wong says. It's also the cheapest part of the chook, so it's no wonder Kiwis are hunting for a recipe to match the cut.

10. Potato bake:

This cheesy, carb stack can be a soggy mess if not done properly, so perhaps people are looking to nail the recipe. McMahon describes it as a "homely dish" and Wong says it's a staple. "Maybe people are looking for a twist."


* Are you surprised by the results? What foodie searches have you been up to this year?