We do love our webcams. The latest placement uses a high-definition Mobotix camera to show us the peak of Mt Everest. It's powered by a solar panel, of course and is online during daylight hours. It's actually part of a climate change and global warming research programme and transmits its images wirelessly to the nearby Ev-K2-CNR Pyramid Laboratory/Observatory. Unlike bird and animal cams

there's probably not a lot of activity to see.

has details, and you can check out the Mt Everest webcam



LAB DOG: Alpha Dog from Boston Dynamics can roll over, prance like a Lippizaner and climb over rubble. It's a new four-legged robot designed to carry 180 kg loads for up to 30 km at a trot. At the moment the dog's just a lab prototype. It's not your average military canine. Details at Wired and video here.

STEPPING UP THE POWER: At Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre in East London in the UK pedestrians will be powering the lights, thanks to Pavegen floor tiles. The tops of the tiles are surfaced in 100% recycled truck tires so they're hard wearing. Each time a person steps on a tile the kinetic energy is converted to electricity. Hmmm, so going shopping could be good for the environment. Sounds dangerous.
Core77 has details. Video here.

SUPERSIZED TELLY: The Sharp Aquos 80-inch LCD for consumers is a 1080p Smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi, LED backlighting and access to apps such as Netflix where it's available. Sharp claim a dynamic contrast ratio of 6,000,000:1 and to eliminate blur and motion artefacts in fast-moving video. Sharp AQUOS Advantage Advisors can also remotely connect to the TV through the Internet to assist with TV setup, roubleshoot and optimize the picture quality. How far away would you have to view that monster from? Start planning your lounge extension now. Details at Sharp.

CAR PAD: Disney's Appmates are toys that control iPad games. The first series of toys work with the free Cars game. The physical toy car is placed on the iPad screen. The game recognises metal sensors underneath the car and as you move the toy car an on-screen car moves around the screen. The cars cost, but the game and screen scratches are free. Gizmodo.

- Miraz Jordan knowit.co.nz