The month-long search for a Kiwi voice to be used on TomTom GPS devices is over.

Ben Harper won the 'Be The Voice of New Zealand' contest, and scored a Suzuki Swift RS for his entry, imaginatively titled 'A guy with a voice'.

"If you saw my current unwarranted, and unregistered, piece of mechanical goodness, you'd understand how totally stoked I am," said Harper.

"I just hope that overseas TomTom users can understand the accent."

Aussie-based TomTom marketing manager Nick Saisanas obviously appreciated Harper's dulcet tones, describing it as an "iconic New Zealand voice that will resonate with all Kiwis."

The voice will be recorded for the popular GPS devices next week, and will be available for download from TomTom Home before Christmas. To listen to his winning entry at