Twitter is cool, but sometimes 140 characters takes too much time and too much concentration for espresso-soaked microbloggers and their ADHD buddies.

Enter Flutter, the world's first nanoblogging site.

CEO Zak Ryman says: "I think a lot of people don't have time to Twitter. It just takes too long to compose a message with 140 characters, and then you start getting bombarded by a few tweets and it's like hundreds of characters that you have to read."

Flutter chops it down to just 26 characters for time-challenged Twitaholics.

"We limit our users' posts - or flaps, is what we like to call them, because it's like a hummingbird's wings flapping, which is like really fast, which is like, you know, faster than a regular bird tweets - we limit it to 26 characters."

It is, of course, a joke, courtesy of those crazy cats at Slate Video. See Ryman's video below: