Key Points:

Many women would rather surf the net than have sex, according to an Intel-sponsored survey.

The Internet Reliance in Today's Economy survey of 2119 people aged 18-plus, said that 65 per cent of adults admitted they can't live without the internet.

According to the survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, nearly half of women (46 per cent) and 30 per cent of men would rather go without sex for a fortnight than give up internet access.

For women aged 18-34 it was 49 per cent and for women aged 35-44 it was 52 per cent. Only 39 per cent of guys aged 18-34 would swap the bedroom for the broadband.

Television also copped a beating in the survey with well over half the respondents preferring to give up two weeks of telly than a single week of web access.

Internet availability of many movies and TV shows likely skewed the result, which showed 61 per cent of adult women would happily switch off the box.

And nine out of 10 US adults (91 per cent) report that their lives are better because of the internet, taking into account better contact with friends and family, shopping and financial management like online banking.