Q. Nap wants to know how to stop Yahoo Messenger launching automatically on connecting to the internet.

A. Click on Messenger from the main screen, Nap, then select General from the list of category options; look for another tick box which at the side will say Automatically start Yahoo Messenger; uncheck that box. Now you'll have to manually start Yahoo to use it. 

Q. Patrick has a simple computer system at home. Recently AVG informed him that his trial of its anti-virus software was over.

A. That's strange, Patrick. AVG free edition is just that - free with free updates for the life of the product. If it ran out, you either had a demo version of the commercial product or acquired a beta test version. Home users can get the free version from http://free.grisoft.com/freeweb.php/doc/2/ 

Q. Fred keeps getting this message - 403 Forbidden: You are not permitted to access this document - when he tries to go to a friend's website. He enters the name and password provided to him but it fails.

A. You have either entered the password incorrectly or in the wrong case, Fred. Many server passwords are case-sensitive so try highlighting the login he sent, hit CTRL C (copy) then click where it goes on the page and CTRL V (paste); do the same with the password.

Q. When Jon clicks Start/run and types: ipconfig in Windows XP, the program runs and then closes before he can see anything.

A. There are two ways to do this so the window stays open, Jon.

* Start/Programs/Accessories/Command prompt - now type: ipconfig

* Start/Run - type: cmd /k ipconfig

To close these windows, type EXIT and hit ENTER or click the cross.