A Stratford swimmer has broken two Taranaki records.

Dylan Kowalewski, 3, of CMK Stratford Flyers broke the 100m freestyle and 200m freestyle at the annual New Zealand National Short Course Championships in Auckland.

Eight swimmers from the CMK Flyers qualified and represented Taranaki in the championships.

Nina Goble, 14, won a bronze in the 200m back stroke for her age group. She also made her first open final, coming ninth in the C final, open to all ages.


Nina Goble 14 years: 3rd 200m backstroke, 7th 100m backstroke, 9th 400m freestyle, 12th 100m and 200m freestyle, 14th 50m backstroke and 17th 50m freestyle.
Dylan Kowalewski 13 years: 3rd 200m freestyle, 4th 100m freestyle, 6th 200m medley, 7th 400m medley, 8th 400m freestyle, 8th 200m backstroke, 10th 100m medley.
Heidi Sextus 13 years: 5th 1500m freestyle, 8th 800m freestyle, 13th 400m freestyle, 17th 200m freestyle.
Luca Zabel 16 years: 8th 400m freestyle, 9th 200m freestyle, 10th 100m butterfly, 12th 50m butterfly, 18th 50m and 100m freestyle.
Jack Keller 13 years: 8th 50m freestyle, 17th 50m breaststroke.
Alina Zabel 14 years: 11th 200m breaststroke, 16th 200m breaststroke, 21st 100m breaststroke.
Eva McGeoch 13 years: 9th 200m medley, 11th 400m medley.
Alex McGeoch 14 years: 19th 100m breaststroke, 20th 50m breaststroke.