Stratford pool player Crystalee Jane will represent New Zealand at an international pool competition in America next month.

The 19 year old will fly to to America on June 17 to represent New Zealand in the under 21 division for the 2018 VNEA International Pool Championships at Sioux City, Nebraska.
Crystalee says she is excited to be going on the trip and grateful for the love and support she has received from the Stratford community to get her there.

She had been inundated with sponsorship from people wanting to make sure her trip goes well, including Cue Sports Club Masse and the New Commercial Hotel.

"I was surprised because I only asked a few people and others just came up with offers for me which I really did not expect."


Crystalee is into her fourth year playing the sport and got into it after being encouraged by Jacki Berry.

"My brother used to babysit me and take me down to the Stratford Club where we would play pool. I got into it and then started beating him."

She loves everything about the sport and has been training around five nights a week.

"I like the game as a whole — if you have a good break it makes it easy but sometimes it's hard — it really depends on the person you are playing and the way the table is left ."

She joined the Stratford Club and was talked into playing competitively, eventually playing the game all over New Zealand. She now has a cabinet stuffed with 27 trophies for her efforts.

Crystalee says to be picked for the Under 21 team she had to play in competitions and leagues and be part of a development team. This meant playing a different set of VNEA rules instead of national rules.

"I was quite surprised I did so well especially considering I have only been playing those rules for one year."

Crystalee says she is looking forward to staying on for a bit in America and doing some some sightseeing as well as going to Disneyland.


"I am pretty excited and nervous but can't wait. It's going to be a lot of fun."