Last year's Taranaki Masters Games cycling event had record-breaking entrant numbers, and organiser Rob Stone hopes to see this again later this month.

The cycling competition, which traditionally takes place over three days, will be held Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20.

Rob says this year's competition had been cut back to only two days because entrant attendance was low on the Friday events in the past.

"We have not removed any of the individual events from the timetable so no one will be missing out."


The cycling competition includes eight events: a criterium, a race on a looped track, a 2000 metre pursuit event, a 20 kilometre time trial, a hill climb, a 200 metre sprint, a 40 kilometre road race and two 20 kilometre road races.

There is something for everyone. We encourage a competitive attitude between athletes but ultimately it's not the world championships. It's a bit of fun.

Rob says entrants are not required to have any experience with cycling, but training is encouraged.

The Taranaki Masters Games cycling competition is open to riders 35 years and over.

"Typically masters aged cyclists are 35 plus, however if we had interest from younger competitors we would be open to lowering the age restriction in the future."

Rob says the event has had strong support from the Taranaki Cycling Association and fringe cycling groups around the region.

"We'd love to see those competitors back again this year."

The Masters Cycling will be held on Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 19. Entry forms at www.taranakielectricitytrust.