Kiwi Married at First Sight Australia bride, Cathy Evans came home to New Zealand on Friday. But the big question is: will her TV husband be joining her?

Evans, who is from Taupo but lives in Sydney, is back for media commitments as filming for the show has finished.

But as the season is still evolving on screens on both sides of the Tasman, Evans wouldn't spill whether her husband, Josh Pihlak, would be sneaking into the country to join her.

"I think Josh is too in love with Australia to bother visiting the neighbouring country, he's too patriotic," she tells Spy.


"However, he's a fan of the funny folk who come from NZ so that's a positive."

Evans, a logistics investigator, has made an impression on the Aussie version of the show. She has shown class and a fun personality that has had Aussie media gushing over her and comparing the couple to last season's love match, Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant.

"It's astounding to be compared to such a golden couple and I take the compliment because Josh and I really didn't try to be that at all," Evans says.

"I guess it pays to be yourself and surrender to being emotionally available."

Married at First Sight Australia contestant, Cathy Evans is from Taupo but lives in Sydney. Photo / Supplied
Married at First Sight Australia contestant, Cathy Evans is from Taupo but lives in Sydney. Photo / Supplied

Evans has no time for online trolls or bad headlines and refuses to be a victim of reality show takedowns.

One Aussie website labelled her an actress as she graduated with a performing arts degree, to which she laughs to Spy: "What's wrong with finishing your degree?"

"I am really proud of it, I can confirm I'm not an actor — I've changed careers many times since graduating."

Rather than focusing on negative comments, Evans focuses on the positives, which she says have come in abundance.


"I do not acknowledge the hate comments. You have to understand that people are beneath you if they feel they have to bring you down."

This season of MAFS has provided as many dramas and cheating scandals as usual, and Evans has also navigated those obstacles well.

"Getting involved in other couples' dramas and taking in that energy, even when you physically leave the room, it's extremely taxing on your mind, body and soul," she says.

Her favourite couple on the show are this season's "older bride and groom" Steve Burley and Mishel Meshes.

Evans went on the show for love, something she wants more than anything in the world, and says she is bending over backwards for it with patience and forgiveness. She says these have become her strongest virtues.

"I have also learned I'm an extremely strong person to allow myself to ride the roller coaster of emotions and still feel strong at the end of the day."

Evans is looking forward to being around familiar accents and chilling out with her friends and family.

Her family did not want to be part of the MAFS experiment, nor are they watching it on the telly.