As former All Black Adam Thomson enjoys a miracle comeback with a call up to the Chiefs at 37, his partner is settling into their new life in Hamilton.

Former TV personality and lifestyle influencer Jessie Gurunathan reached out from her new Waikato home this week to thank those who had made it possible for her and her boyfriend of eight years to have some time much closer to home after a hellish few years of illness and travelling.

"New year, new town to explore with this one," Gurunathan shared with her Instagram followers.

"While we were camping down south in Mackenzie country with Adam's family, he got an unexpected call from Ben Boyle (Thomson's agent).


"Before we knew it we were back in Kapiti & I was helping Adam load up his truck to drive to Hamilton to take up a VERY last-minute gig with the Chiefs' super rugby team. Someone had been injured & Adam was called in to cover for the player till he's match fit (this could be weeks or a few months)."

Thomson joined the Chiefs as one of eight replacement players currently with the squad.

Gurunathan said it was surreal that, this time two years ago, they were in hospital in Japan, where Thomson was just starting rehab and learning to move his body again after a debilitating illness.

"Fast forward and I'm watching him do what some people said he'd never be able to do again.

"I'd be lying if I said that the past two years have been a breeze. They've tested us big time. It's hard never getting to put roots down, not knowing how long we will be in one place before having to re-pack the suitcases & move to the next temporary place only to do it all over again just as I've begun to feel settled."

Gurunathan and Thomson spent time recovering in Bali for several months and she says if there's one thing the past two years have taught her it's that life doesn't always go according to plan, and maybe that's the beautiful part.

"I don't know how long we'll be in Hamilton, but for now, I'm just incredibly grateful to be here & excited about what the universe has in store for me/us this year."

She has put the call out for Hamiltonians to give her tips on farmers' markets, sightseeing spots, best eateries, nail salons, beauty clinics and beautiful hikes.


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