When this season's rag tag bunch of bachelors start high-fiving each other when they see who the second Bachelorette is, we think the original Bachelorette, Dr Lesina Nakhid-Schuster, definitely saw who was really in it for love with her.

Speculation on the identity of who the second Bachelorette was has reached fever point. Spy is sticking with our prediction from last August that former Bachelorette Lily McManus, 23, will get her spot next to Nakhid-Schuster, 32. Curiously, after some time back home in Australia, McManus arrived in New Zealand a few weeks back.

Nakhid-Schuster, who shares an apartment for the show with the second bachelorette told Spy exclusively she was embracing the double-dating surprise.

"I'm so stoked there's a second Bachelorette. I'm such a girls' girl and it's a fun idea having a mate I can share this whole experience with. We got together beforehand and had massive chats about everything before the whole process even started. We got to know each other really well and I think we also complement each other really well."


Nakhid-Schuster says the second Bachelorette is someone who she couldn't have done this journey without - she's energetic and adventurous and will add fun vibes to the whole journey.

It would be the fourth reality show for McManus, who worked with TVNZ 2 last year on Celebrity Treasure Island, and has had time on Three's The Bachelor NZ, which was followed by a stint in the United States on The Bachelor Winter Games.

"The Bachelor for me was one of the weirdest and wildest experiences I've ever taken on board," McManus told us last year.

"It was never something I wanted to do. It was never something I voluntarily signed myself up for, but looking back at it now I am still so glad I said yes.

"I learnt so much about what I want from a man and from myself in a relationship. I treasure the whole experience and if I could encourage someone like me who doesn't think that the show is a good idea and they take away even half of the good things from the experience that I did, then my work here is done,"

Having two bachelorettes is a world first in the show's global history. TVNZ publicity insist both women are on the show looking for love – and are not competing with each other.

With one of the male contestant's bisexuality yet to be disclosed and the 'mole' on the show still rummaging, this has just become "must watch TV".

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