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Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells celebrated the return of Goodnight Kiwi by giving Seven Sharp viewers a sneak peek of what's to come - but things took a drastic turn when Jeremy pushed things a bit too far.

In a segment on last night's show, the pair took turns reading children's books - as they will in Goodnight Kiwi - with Jerry reading Dawn McMillan's I Need a New Bum (classic), and Hilary reading The Moon and Farmer McPhee.

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Throughout the segment, each of them were shown laying in bed being lulled to sleep by the other's story, but when the stories were done the camera panned out to reveal the pair were both in the same bed.

Jeremy bid Hilary goodnight, to which she responded with a gruff, "Turn out the light!"

As you'd expect, it was at this point things went dark and took a turn for the worst.

Hilary said: "You better have clothes on under there," to which Jerry replied: "You know I sleep in the nude."

Cutting back to the studio, Hilary said what we were all thinking.

"I don't know whose idea that was, but that definitely crossed the line."

Taking to Facebook, one viewer called the bit "inappropriate", writing: "My daughter was excited about seeing the part of Goodnight Kiwi. I found it inappropriate watching Jeremy listening to kids stories in bed shirtless / "in the nude" with Hilary. My daughter said 'ew!'"

However, most fans saw the funny side, praising the pair for their fresh take and looking forward to the return of Goodnight Kiwi.


One wrote: "That was very funny, love it you two", another wrote: "That was hilarious with you both in the bed. It made me laugh so much," and another simply wrote: "You guys are so cool".

Goodnight Kiwi is streaming on TVNZ On Demand as of Monday, with two episodes airing each week. Jeremy will appear in Episode 3 while Hilary will appear on Episode 5.