Richlister Ben Cook has enjoyed a European summer holiday that will be the envy of, well, everyone.

The Auckland property developer has been on the Mediterranean for several months rubbing shoulders with stars including superstar singers John Legend and Lionel Richie, and Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson.

Cook entered the NBR Rich List in 2016 and since then has more than doubled his wealth to an estimated $165 million.

Cook and partner Lavinia White have been cruising the Med since May with time spent in Monaco and other glamorous parts of the French Riviera, as well as Venice.


While White flew home in July for a few weeks, Cook spent time with fellow GUCCI loafer-wearing mates in the Greek Islands.

Lavinia White with Samuel L. Jackson
Lavinia White with Samuel L. Jackson

In July, Cook found himself moored next to Legend in the port of Portofino and, as good super yacht neighbours do, the All of Me singer happily posed for a picture with him.

Last weekend, Cook and White looked to be having the time of their lives in Monte Carlo. The pair attended the Ferretti Group and Yacht Club de Monaco annual concert, this year starring Lionel Richie.

The couple posed with Richie on the dock and also on a private boat with Pulp Fiction star Jackson. White captioned her pictures with the stars appropriately on Instagram: "All Night Long."

Lavinia White with Lionel Ritchie
Lavinia White with Lionel Ritchie

In 2015 Cook made local headlines for the most expensive house sale of the year, buying the huge grey minimalist three-level waterfront house on Sentinal Rd in Herne Bay for $24 million.

Cook has three destinations on his Instagram profile, Monaco, Sydney and Auckland, we are guessing that means he has a bolt hole now in all three.