On Tuesday, New Zealand's closest attempt at Kardashian-style Reality TV begins on TVNZ OnDemand in the form of BossBabes — starring influencers and businesswomen Iyia Liu and Edna Swart as they navigate the Auckland social scene.

The first episode will also see Max Key and his ex Amelia Finlayson cross paths at a housewarming party Liu hosted earlier this year.

Finlayson appears unhappy, saying she is mad at Liu for inviting Key.

"He's just another name on the list, it's a big place, hang out at different ends of the house, it'll be fine!" says Liu.


We hear the pair did catch up at the party: we can only imagine what was said — however we understand that Key called her ahead of the event.

"Guess who gives me the eyes and says you missed my call on Thursday night?" Finlayson says to a group of friends. "I cringe at saying this — but Max, come on, we broke up three years ago."

BossBabes stars influencers and business women Iyia Liu and Edna Swart. Photo / Supplied
BossBabes stars influencers and business women Iyia Liu and Edna Swart. Photo / Supplied

Back in the real world, Finlayson is now party-hopping around the hotspots of Auckland and was mortified this week when she couldn't fit a pink latex dress she purchased online, while Key was at the umpteenth dance party on his overseas sabbatical, this time at Tomorrowland in Brussels.

When asked how he got his tan, he told a follower: "Quitting your job and travelling."

In between parties in the US and Europe, Key also fitted in family time with his dad Sir John, his mother, Lady Bronagh, and sister, Stephie. The Keys drove around the Italian coast, staying at some of its most luxurious spots.

As for the BossBabes, post-filming? Liu, who has attracted controversy over her Celebration Box delivery service, last week announced she and artist Jordan Delmont were expecting a baby. The pair met during the first episode of the show.

They've been together six months now. Liu says they will soon be moving in together and are taking things as they come.

"At this stage I don't have anything in particular planned for the future. I'm so excited to be a mum, and am just looking forward to parenthood and raising a happy, healthy baby," says Liu.


And how do the BossBabes think people will respond to seeing their show?

"We made this show for entertainment purposes, so I hope viewers will realise that and not be too harsh to judge or criticise, as I don't think the show will be totally reflective of our real lives or personalities," says Liu. "But I hope they will be able to see that we are just normal people, and be able to relate to us a little more."

Adds Swart: "We are putting ourselves out there and showing a small part of us and our businesses, so I hope viewers can appreciate that and maybe we'll even inspire others to start their own business."

- Ricardo Simich