The Hits host Toni Street has revealed her terrifying moment of claustrophobia after finding herself trapped inside a gym bathroom.

Street has long struggled with confined spaces and experienced her "worst nightmare" when she was unable to open the door after ducking in to use the bathroom during an F45 class.

The mother-of-three also suffers from asthma and was scared she might pass out after feeling a bit "huffy" and short of breath during her workout.

"I turned the lock to the right, nothing, turned the lock to the left, nothing," Street explained on-air this morning.


"I was like, 'OK Toni, just breathe and just do it again – you're clearly just raging and you're doing it too fast'. So I did it again and again and it still wouldn't open.

"Now at this stage, I'm starting to feel quite huffy. This toilet cubicle I'm in has no windows, it's quite dark and stuffy.

"I'm already quite asthmatic because of what I've just been doing - I sprinted to the toilet so as not to miss any more of the workout. And I start losing it.

"I'm really trying to keep calm and to tell myself mentally, 'someone will come and find you at some stage'."

Street began banging on the door and screaming for someone to help but gym staff and her classmates couldn't hear her cries over the loud music. As the minutes ticked by slowly her anxiety only grew and she began to fear she would collapse.

"The F45 music was blaring and then I just went into full-on panic mode and I start banging on the door yelling 'help' and no one could hear me," she said.

"I was stuck in this toilet and I kept looking around and I felt like the walls were closing in on me, and then I banged again and still no one.

"I thought I was going to pass out. I know this sounds ridiculous, because I'm not scared of heights – I'll do anything – but when it comes to small spaces, like this is literally my worst nightmare.

"I was like, 'I'm going to be stuck here I don't know how long and I think I might pass out before then'."

Eventually, one of the gym's trainers heard Street making a ruckus and came to her aid – but her escape to freedom was further delayed.


"At this stage I was nearly kicking the door down, I'm not going to lie. I was so panicked and then he eventually came and said 'I'll get you out of there'.

"I was saying to him, 'you've got to get me out of here - I'm claustrophobic, I'm freaking out' and he says 'don't worry - I've got this'.

"He starts fiddling with the door and he goes, 'oh, it won't come' and next thing he starts ramming the door -he could hear the urgency in my voice and he was trying to get me out.

"And then next thing we had a party of 10 and no one could get me out for another whole five minutes!"

After a 15 minute ordeal, the door was prised open and Street's nightmare was over.

Hits co-host Sam Wallace tried teasing her about the incident saying, "This is an elaborate way of skipping the last two rounds of F45, Streety," but she wasn't seeing the funny side.

"Sam, don't even joke about it," she replied. "Finally I get out and the relief…I was dying in there!

"I was actually embarrassed because I kinda acted like a psycho nearly breaking down their door. It was like I was out of my body."