When ZM host Bree Tomasel challenged Paula Bennett to a fight, she didn't think the MP would respond.

Which is why Bree was gobsmacked when Bennett showed up to the ZM studio today - wearing boxing gloves.

"You been dissing me girl?" Bennett challenged Bree.

Bree, trying to keep it together through hysterics, joked: "I regret all of those comments, didn't think you'd actually come, and you're here."


Bennett revealed she'd had some "weird messages" in her inbox after Bree instructed people to message the MP to support her bid for a fight.

"I don't know why, but it's been on my bucket list to fight Paula Bennett," said Bree.

However, when Bennett arrived in the studio, she insisted that she'd probably lose to Bree in a fight.

"Could we do something non violent?" she asked, suggesting a dance-off or a quiz.

The two might not have gotten in the ring - but at least Bree finally got to meet her nemesis in the flesh.