Love seems to be in the air on and off the set at Westside as the hit show's cast get ready to wrap up filming on Series 5 next week.

First, leading lady, Antonia Prebble, 34, and co-star Dan Musgrove, 36, found love, got engaged and are now expecting their first baby together.

Now co-stars Jordan Mooney, 29, who plays larrikin Eric, is dating Lily Powell, who plays Cheryl's younger, troublesome sister, Mandy the Mauler.

Powell, the 19-year-old daughter of broadcaster Anna Thomas, started her acting career when she was cast as one of the teenage daughters in hit NZ series, Step Dave. She's doing a degree in psychology at the University of Auckland and is a personal trainer.


Mooney has played Eric on the hit drama series for the past four seasons and played musician, Jordan Luck in the feature-length drama Why Does Love? which told the story of legendary Kiwi band The Exponents.

The pair appear to be gloriously happy together.

"We met on Westside, and it was stolen glances for months, so it only made sense for us to take it seriously. We couldn't be happier," says Mooney.

It would seem that Mooney is also having a "bromance" with another co-star on the series.

His Instagram feed is full of brotherly love for Australian colleague, 24-year-old Reef Ireland, who plays series' lead Wolfgang West.

A recent post from Mooney's Instagram shows the co-stars embracing with the heartfelt words: "One of the greatest lifelong things I've got from Westside, is our beauty of a friendship."

Meanwhile, Jessica Grace Smith, 30, whom Spy recently announced is set to take over the role of Cheryl in this season of Westside, is mentally preparing for audience reaction to her arrival on the show which launches next month.

She acknowledges the support of the cast for helping her to fit into the long-running series so smoothly. "The cast have been so welcoming — I was already friends with a lot of them before I started shooting and I'm really enjoying working with everyone — it's so nice to finally be working back at home again."


Smith also has the support of partner Benedict Wall, 34, to lean on as she awaits the show's arrival on screen. The pair met at drama school and have been together for more than 10 years.

Wall is also an actor and has had roles on Shortland Street, Home and Away and the upcoming Australian series Bondi Slayer.

- by Ricardo Simich