Seven Sharp host Hilary Barry spent a day helping new mum Anika Moa care for her brand new daughter Marigold Tui Grace Utting-Moa.

For her segment Hilary Helps on Seven Sharp, Barry went to Moa's house to play nanny for a day - and had her work cut out for her on arrival, with mounds of laundry to fold and toys to tidy up.

Domestic goddess Hilary Barry lends a hand in Anika Moa’s household

Domestic goddess Hilary Barry lends a hand in Anika Moa’s household.

Posted by Seven Sharp on Thursday, 9 May 2019

After a grueling list of chores, Moa tells Barry she's barely scratched the surface. "You only did 100th of the percentage of all the jobs that needed to be done."

Jokes aside, the two friends chatted about how Moa is coping with her newborn.


"She's awesome," says Moa. "She's really really easy, I just love her so much. It's just me and her all day, because all my kids go to kindy and school, and i'm just hanging with my homie."

The two said they miss each other, and Moa promised she'll come back to Seven Sharp. "Get rid of Jeremy," she joked.

Moa has filled in as a co-host on Seven Sharp before, winning praise for her unpredictable humour and "magic" chemistry with Barry.

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Look who turned up for duty.

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