Kiwi singer Possum Plows has called out an incident in which they and their girlfriend Rosemary were verbally abused after kissing in public.

Plows, who identifies with the pronouns they and them, took to Twitter to write about their experience saying it made them feel "less safe".

"A guy at the supermarket was watching me and my girlfriend as we headed to the parking lot and when I kissed her, he called out and aggressively stared me down while doing this," Plows wrote, with a middle finger emoji to indicate he was pulling the finger at them.

"Dude, if your intention is to make us feel less safe in public spaces then mission accomplished I guess.."


However, the Openside star didn't let the incident get them down, following up with the most perfect response.

"How sad that it's more important to you to try make people who are happy with who they are feel small and scared, than to find joy in the world for yourself," they wrote.

"Like, not to sound cheesy and gay as f*** but, you deserve that too my dude and I hope you find it."

What a beautiful attitude to a not-so-beautiful situation - good on you, Possum!