A mysterious photo of a "ghost girl" captured on a trail camera in upstate New York has spooked the local town.

The new landowners in Cambridge, New York state, had set up the camera in the woods as they hoping to go hunting but wanted to check if the area was a popular route for locals first.

But they were shocked to discover a grainy picture of what appeared to be a little girl playing in the woods.

Yet, when they asked around to see if anyone recognized the youngster, or knew that their daughter played around the area, they got a resounding no.


"I've lived here all my life, and I've never heard of a ghost running around the woods," said Chief George Bell.

"The idea originally was just to identify who the child was," Bell said.

Local legend states that a little girl, around the same age as the one featured in the photograph, was killed playing on the train tracks that once ran through the area, the Daily Mail reported.

Tania Woodward, president of the Greenwich Paranormal Research Team, told WTEN they had experienced a lot of paranormal activity in the area.

However, the reality is likely to be far more mundane. The camera simply did what it was supposed to do; and captured an image of a girl, who appears to be in modern dress, passing through the woods.

But that hasn't stopped fierce debate raging in the town.

"It's kind of hard to believe whatever you see on social media these days," one resident said. ''I would say there's no way that that's a ghost but..."

"I think it's just a little girl playing in the woods," said another. "I don't think it's a ghost."