New Zealand is known for it's weird and wacky food snacks.

From the humble jafa to the ever-strange K-Bar lime chocolate, we Kiwis enjoy the unique taste of down under - but how do tourists fare when the munch down on New Zealand delicacies?

Two Brits, Josh and Ollie, sat down during their tour around the country and put their taste buds to the test.

Sampling a range of goods like Pineapple Lumps and Burger Rings, our sugary goods received mix reactions.


First up, Jet Planes. The pair dived into the bag and gave the snack a pass mark.

"You could get through a lot of these. On a car journey you could slam these back," the pair said.

The Chocolate Fish was next on the menu, and the pair were left stunned.

"Whoa! It's pink on the inside, I wasn't expecting that! That's like salmon... we've had some good salmon here in New Zealand."

As for Burger Rings the crisp failed to impress our British friends. Ollie said he wasn't a fan of the crisp but indicated he may have changed his mind if he was a little kid.

When it came time to taste test New Zealand's prime sweet the Pineapple Lump, anticipation grew. The duo had been told all about the chocolate delight and were given the instruction to chill before eating.

The verdict? "I was not expecting that. That's weird. There is no real pineapple, I refuse to believe that," Ollie said.

"That's not one of your five plus a day."


The pair went on to try Cookie Time cookies, Afghan biscuits, Jafas, and the K-bar lime flavoured chocolate.

The Jafas were a hit with Josh saying: "That was packed with flavour."

As for the verdict on recently new K-bar lime chocolate?... Yeah, nah.