Scott Morrison has landed himself in hot water again after remarks about the bushfires and cricket today.

The Prime Minister was speaking at a reception for the Australian and New Zealand cricket sides at Kirribilli House, which is a yearly tradition.

Morrison said the fires were happening against the backdrop of the test match.

"Australians will be gathering, whether it's at the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground) or around television sets all around the country, and they'll be inspired by the great feats of our cricketers from both sides of the Tasman and I think they'll be encouraged by the spirit shown by Australians and the way that people have gone about remembering the terrible things that other Australians are dealing with at the moment," he said.


But many were not impressed with his sentiment, saying they weren't inspired by the cricket at all.

Some said he should not have even been at the reception.

"I'm inspired by the firefighters, by the police, by the community lifting together. By the resilience of Australians and unity right now. NOT by the cricketers," wrote one woman on Twitter.

Another man commented, "This is far and away the most mind numbingly banal, tin eared and ludicrously inappropriate thing anyone could possibly say in these circumstances".

Another man said he read the comment out to his family and they were stunned in silence.

Fire fighters have been hard pressed trying to subdue bush fires in Australia. Photo / Getty Images
Fire fighters have been hard pressed trying to subdue bush fires in Australia. Photo / Getty Images

One even asked if it was satire and said it couldn't be real.

Another said, "I love cricket, but this is close to insane. Trying to mesh some enjoyable sport with a national disaster is pretty much madness".

It is a yearly tradition for the Australian cricket team and touring national side to meet with the Prime Minister at Kirribilli House on New Year's Day.


Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard all took part in the festivities when they were in the role.

Morrison copped plenty of criticism in November when he posted a tweet saying Tim Paine and his teammate would give the firefighters and fire-impacted communities "something to cheer for".

Australian captain Paine acknowledged the firefighters on Wednesday, thanking them for their service and calling them "true heroes".

"On behalf of the Australian team, I would like to thank the brave men and women who are fighting fires across the country," he said.

"They are the true heroes of the Aussie summer."

A further three deaths have been confirmed from the New Year's Eve fires on the NSW south coast while another man was killed in Victoria's fire-ravaged East Gippsland region.


The third test between Australian and New Zealand commences on Friday.