Aussie test great Kerry O'Keeffe says Kiwi captain Kane Williamson has the most flawless batting technique in world cricket.

The former Australian spinner on Wednesday described Williamson's approach at the crease as "cricket porn" after seeing him put England to the sword in New Zealand recently.

Ahead of the First Test in Perth, beginning on Thursday evening, O'Keeffe admits he prefers Williamson's classically elegant style to Aussie freak Steve Smith's unorthodox technique with the bat.

"I'm a technician fan and Kane Williamson is the best technician in the world," O'Keeffe told Sky Sports Radio.


"He plays late, he stays side on, he's got a lovely front elbow.

"It's cricket porn when he blocks it. I'm excited boys."

Despite favouring Williamson over Smith from an aesthetics perspective, O'Keeffe says he doesn't envy the task ahead for New Zealand's bowlers of trying to dismiss Smith this summer.

"Steve Smith is a bottom handed player and I've never warmed to them, but I don't warm to bowling to him either," he said.

Earlier in the week, Smith was effusive in his praise of the Black Caps ahead of their three-test series, saving his most glowing references for Williamson.

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Smith, whose absurd test average of 63.8 implies a man who knows a thing or two about world-class batting, called Williamson "a terrific batsman and one that we're going to really have to be focused on", and went into detail about what it is that makes the New Zealand skipper so difficult to dismiss.

"Kane plays the ball incredibly late. He's patient. I think we actually hold the bat reasonably similarly - he's got quite a closed grip. I like that in test cricket. It helps playing the ball a little bit later and he plays it later than anyone else in the world."


Williamson's "terrific work ethic" and "good eye" allowed him to have more time to decide on his shots, elaborated Smith.

"He's got plenty of time against quick bowling - hopefully we can keep him quiet."

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Smith believes that the most dangerous Black Caps are the ones that form their experienced core. Of the players who visited Australia in their last test tour in 2015, eight remain in the squad of 15 currently training in Perth.

"A lot of the players are still there that were here last time, so they're a few more years experienced. They've got some really good players. Ross Taylor scored some big runs here last time and has played a lot of cricket. And their bowling attack have been together for a while and have formed a good partnership together."