Seven talking points from the last games at the Rugby World Cup.

Good guys can finish first

Springbok coach Rassie Erasmus is living proof that decent behaviour and success are not mutually exclusive. Some Kiwis can't cop Eddie Jones (although I'd put him alongside 1991 Cup coach Bob Dwyer as a good bloke, with a keen sense of humour, who, like Dwyer, sometimes can't resist making a little mischief) but I'd defy anyone to dislike how Erasmus conducts himself.

Erasmus saying, "rugby shouldn't be something that creates pressure. It should be something that creates hope", after South Africa's 32-12


...or you can choose to behave like a spoilt, entitled brat

No Stephen, the final in 2007 was garbage. This one was pretty good


That 'whirring' sound was the Iron Lady spinning in her grave

His parents named him Conrad, but Nostradamus would have been fair, too

No more Faffing around

Dear Lord, imagine what would have been written if they'd won the final

The best bronze playoff ever?