Israel Folau has given his first interview since being sacked by Rugby Australia.

The NSW Waratahs and Wallabies star has been embroiled in controversy since posting on social media on April 10.

Folau, 30, uploaded an image to Instagram saying drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters would go to hell.

Last month, Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle terminated the 30-year-old's multi-million dollar contract on the advice of an independent panel.


The dual international has vowed to take the decision to the highest court possible.

In his first and only interview since the incident unfolded, Folau told Alan Jones on exactly what has unfolded.

Alan Jones: Was there anything in your contract that said you couldn't, outside the workplace, speak about your faith on social media?

Israel Folau: No, absolutely not.

Alan Jones: And you had a meeting with Rugby officaldom a couple of years ago. Did they lay the law down and say to you that you can't speak about your faith outside the workplace?

Israel Folau: "After the first initial incident that happened last year I had a meeting with Raelene and we spoke about the potential effect it can have within the game. She said I was still able to share my religious beliefs but just do it in a more respectful way."

Listen to the full interview here.

Folau also commented on his "shock" when Wallabies teammates began to turn on him and spoke about the upcoming legal battle with Rugy Australia.


Folau has also started a GoFundMe page asking the public for $3 million to help his legal fight against Rugby Australia (RA).

He also made a new Instagram post titled 'support'

"Some people have questioned why I am putting myself, my reputation and my future on the line by taking on Rugby Australia when the easier path may have been to hide my faith," Folau said on Instagram.

"I believe what is easy is not always right. My faith is who I am and if I don't stand up for it, what hope is there for a person of less resources who is discriminated against in the workplace?

"So far Maria and I have used over $100K of our savings and I am willing to do what it takes for this cause. But to continue I need to prioritise funding for my legal case.

"To those who believe in the right to practise religion without fear of discrimination in the workplace, here is my ask: Stand with me.

"I've put the link in my bio. If you can and choose to donate, thank you from the bottom of my heart. #standwithizzy