If boxing fans and opponents alike can learn anything from French fighter Sabri Sediri, it's that cockiness gets you nowhere.

After the undefeated boxer dominated early in his super lightweight clash this weekend against British fighter Sam Maxwell, Sediri began showboating late in the 10th round.

Taunting his opponent as he danced around the ring, Sediri made the big mistake of exposing his chin.

With just seconds left on the clock, Maxwell saw the opportunity and landed a devastating right hand to send the cocky Frenchman to the ground.

Sam Maxwell in action against Sabri Sediri. Photo / Getty
Sam Maxwell in action against Sabri Sediri. Photo / Getty

Footage of the buzzer-beater TKO has since circulated social media with fans expressing their disrespect for Sediri's taunting.

"NEVER showboat if you can't back it up for the whole fight sediri got what he deserved [Sam Maxwell] what a soldier you are by the way," one fan wrote.

"Never be cocky on the ring or you get karma," another added.

Maxwell was crowned WBO European super lightweight champion with the victory.