Could this be the biggest tantrum in cricket's history?

An unknown batsman has gone viral on social media after smashing his bat in an epic, yet controversial, meltdown.

After destroying his bat, the furious batsman left its shattered remains on the field before storming toward the bench and kicking a chair.

However, it was actually the bowler who got most of the hate.


Whipping off the bails before entering his delivery, the bowler dismissed the batsman with the Mankad - a legal yet frowned upon move.

Utilising one of cricket's most controversial moves saw many social media users back the batsman's furious reaction.

"Correct response - possibly slightly understated,"a Twitter user posted.

"Basically, the batsman not facing the bowler was backing up too far (I.e left the crease where you cannot be run out) and the bowler saw this and rather than bowling chose to run him out. Really bad etiquette from the bowler hence the batsman lost it," another wrote.

The video has since been retweeted more than 400 times.