Former New Zealand Rugby CEO David Moffett's Twitter account has called Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters "traitors".

Moffett is a member of the NewConservative party and a tweet from his account in response to a news story – headlined: 'Peters blames 'alt-right' for UN migration pact criticism' – stated that he was "coming to get" the Prime Minister and her deputy.

"Yes we'll see whether you 2 traitors are still smiling when we are done with you next year," he wrote in the tweet.

"Have a good break coz you're going to need it. Next year will likely be your Annus Horibilis because we are coming to get you."


The migration pact creates non-legally binding agreement for countries to "enable all migrants to enrich our societies through their human, economic and social capacities," according to the UN.

On Wednesday, Peters announced New Zealand would support the pact after taking legal advice confirming the country's sovereignty would not be compromised by the agreement.

Moffett has held several high sporting positions including CEO of the Welsh Rugby Union and Australia's National Rugby League.

Moffett is an Australian who took over as New Zealand Rugby boss in 1996 as the sport moved officially into the pay-for-play era.

He had been a rugby referee then involved in rugby administration with New South Wales before he ran the initial Sanzar operation which spawned the Super 12 and Tri-Nations games.

He quit as chief executive at the end of 2000 and was replaced by David Rutherford.

He is a prolific tweeter, often supporting populist policies and sharing political memes, even referring to Peters recently as "ARCH HYPOCRITE".