Spectators who played a large hand in the outbreak of incidents during two recent Auckland football matches have been handed bans from the sidelines.

After a violent scuffle broke out between players and spectators during Three Kings' match against Manukau at McLennan Park, Papakura, a spectator indicated by Auckland Football as 'The older man in a red coat' - who was said to be the father of Three Kings' Fabrizio Tavano - was will be subject to a two-year venue ban.

Tavano himself was banned for six games for starting the incident, reportedly by throwing a bottle.

As the home team, Three Kings were fined $500 for the incident,while Manukau were fined $300, and both sides were docked five points.


Maurice Burney will be subject to a similar ban to that of 'The older man in a red coat' after he lashed out at a North Shore United player during a match against Forrest Hill-Milford.

Burney was a spectator at the game, and reportedly took exception to a heavy challenge against his teenage son.

Both Forrest Hill-Milford and North Shore United were fined $200.

Auckland Football Federation chairman Bob Patterson said the incidents were both extremely serious.

"We fully support the decision of the Disciplinary Chair in determining the sanctions to be applied in both instances."

"We view the NRFL as the premier winter football competition in the country and incidents such as these, in a competition which serves as a key step on the international pathway and helps to shape the behaviour of our aspiring young footballers, will simply not be tolerated."

"Ahead of the 2019 season, AFF and the NRFL management will continue to work with all clubs and stakeholders to ensure everyone involved in our game is aware of their role in delivering a competition of the highest standards on and off the field of play."