Week six of the LPL NBA 2K18 1on1 Championship turned up the heat as the South Island's Top 4 players fought for a spot in next week's Conference Finals.

Match 1 saw Riley "Rizz" Aiken pitted against Te Awanui "minnislug" Waaka, the 1st and 5th seeds respectively.

In the first game, minnislug picked to play as the Cleveland Cavaliers whilst Rizz opted for the Boston Celtics. At the end of the first quarter the score was tight with a 7-8 lead to minnislug. By halftime his lead has inched up to a 17-14 score, and continued to keep this winning streak right through the first game of the afternoon. minnislug wrapped up the first game with a win at 35-32.

The second game meant Rizz had a lot to lose – including his spot in the tournament and being one step closer to the $15,000 prize money. Switching to the Spurs for Rizz and the Golden State Warriors for minnislug, the scoreboard read 11-13 at half time thanks to a last-minute 2-pointer from minnislug as the second buzzer went off. However despite a new team, an even scoreboard 18-18 at the end of the third quarter and the title of being first seed, Rizz couldn't clutch a victory – narrowly falling to minnislug 24-23.


Match 2 saw a tense showdown between Jake "JD" Downes and Regan "Tropic_Superstar" Small involving a third tie-breaker game to declare a winner. In Game 1, Tropic won the coin toss and selected tournament-favourite team GSW, whilst JD settled to play as the Pelicans. GSW dominated with a 15-15 half time scoreboard and allowed Tropic_Superstar to sneak ahead a victory, with a final score of 36-31.

Game 2 was JD's time to shine. Despite switching to the GSW (Tropic_Superstar opted for the Caveliers) and falling 15-9 at half time, JD bounced back to clutch a 25-21 3rd quarter and a final score of 35-31, proving why the GSW were the team to play as in this year's tournament.

Evening out the overall scoreboard of 1-1 and forcing the match into an exciting third game tiebreaker, both players were looking nervous. Surprisingly, neither opted to play as the GSW. Tropic_Superstar played as the Boston Celtics and JD picked the Houston Rockets, with a strong start from JD to bring the scoreboard to 14-8 to Houston by the end of the first quarter. Half time saw Tropic_Superstar creep ahead with a 20-19 score to the Celtics and then sprinted towards a win with a massive 30-20 lead by the end of the third quarter. At full time the board read 44-37 to the Celtics, crowning Tropic_Superstar with the win.

Join LPL next week at the Conference Finals as both winners from this weekend's match and the North Island Top 2 battle it out to become island representative at the Grand Finals at the end of the month.