Welcome back Ma'a Nonu.

The All Black legend, 103 caps for our national team, has signed to play next year with the Blues.

Which, as a Hurricanes fan, immediately adds a sour taste to the whole thing. Get your own legends Auckland.

You took Piri off us. You've taken Tana. You tried to take Beauden. And now Ma'a?


Why don't you just add a little yellow to your jerseys and be who you obviously are really trying to be?

From a purely rugby perspective, the Nonu decision is kinda confusing.

His best years are behind him, we all know that.

He turns 37 in May next year so clearly this isn't a long term investment for the Blues.

And in a World Cup year what kind of signal does this send.

To every up and coming midfield back wanting to assert themselves at that level and make a push for possible late selection?

Well loud and clear it says look elsewhere. Because if you wanna make the Blues,
you lose.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Ma'a. And I don't mean love flippantly.

I don't mean as a player. I mean I love you Ma'a.

Hang on, back off, that's just stalker stuff talking.

I don't know. If the announcement yesterday had've been that he was joining the
Blues in a mentoring or coaching capacity, sure. But as a player? As a starter?

I have to say I'm a bit of a doubter. BUT. Will be happy, very happy,

Deliriously happy if he hits the ground running, barging, boofing and bulldozing his way through defences like he has his whole career.

For Wellington. And the Hurricanes. Little bit of Highlanders. And a previously
unsatisfactory if brief stint at the Blues.

Whatever happens I wish him well.

Just not as well as I would if he was playing for the team that he should be.

And at least it means an end to the silly bugger second-five thing with Reiko, he can go
back to being the world's best left wing.