CCTV shows Ben Stokes allegedly mocking two gay men by making 'camp gestures' and mimicking their 'high-pitched' voices moments before a brawl erupted in the street, a court has heard.

The England cricketer, 27, was today accused of 'trying to provoke the two men' by a bouncer who claimed he was sworn at in an 'angry and spiteful tone' after he refused him entry to a nightclub. Stokes then allegedly tried to bribe his way in with £300.

The video clip shows the sportsman outside Mbargo in Bristol on September 25 last year, just hours after England beat the West Indies.

The fast bowler, who is on trial for affray, alongside Ryan Hale, 27, and Ryan Ali, 28, is also accused of flicking a cigarette at clubbers William O'Connor and Kai Barry in a fit of rage, after they allegedly poked fun at his gold-encrusted trainers.


Giving evidence at Bristol Crown Court, doorman Andrew Cunningham said the millionaire sportsman humiliated the two gay customers before fighting with Hale and Ali down the street.

Ali was left with a shattered eye socket after the brawl and Hale in hospital, after they were both knocked unconscious.

Witness Max Wilson filmed the incident after being woken up by the fracas. He told the court the 'aggressive' men were all 'clearly drunk' and acting like 'football hooligans'.

Mr Wilson, 21, can be heard in the video he took exclaiming 'f***' when Stokes floored Hale, the heard, and said he swore 'because it was such a fierce punch'.

He also told the jury today he 'felt a little sorry' for the unconscious man because he 'had his hands up' when he was struck.

Both Ali and Hale had a bottle in their hands at one point and Stokes, who maintains he was acting in self-defence, can be seen knocking the potential weapon out of Ryan Ali's hand' during the fracas.

Another witness, Laura Sweeney, told the trial she believes Hale tried to break a road sign so he could attack with a metal pole and heard someone shouting: 'Please stop, I've had enough now'.

In the melee Stokes' friend and fellow cricketer Alex Hales was seen to stamp on Ryan Ali and kick him in the head, the jury was told.


CCTV shows Hales then tried to place himself between Ali and Stokes, before Stokes turned his attention to Hale and punched him to the floor. Stokes then pursued and punched Ali, the court was told.

Mr Wilson told the jury he heard a commotion from outside his bedroom window shortly after 2am and watched the scenes unfold for two or three minutes before he began filming it.

He told the court: 'They were aggressive. The reason I had my phone was because I thought a fight would break out. They were like football hooligans. One was shouting for them to calm down.'

Earlier Stokes denied he 'bullied' and humiliated two gay men.

Doorman Mr Cunningham says the star became enraged when he refused a £300 bribe to let him into the club after closing time, calling him a 'c***', flicking a V-sign and making 'spiteful' comments about his job, gold teeth and tattoos.

He then allegedly turned his anger towards 'camp' Mr Barry and Mr O'Connor, who left the club 'flamboyantly' while they were rowing.

The bouncer said: 'The ginger guy [Stokes] started to mimic their actions. I didn't like the fact he flicked the cigarette at him. These two lads are harmless guys, they are not aggressive. I don't like bullies, so if you are going to take the mick out of someone, take it out on me'.

But Mr Stokes says the alleged homophobic jokes never happened and claims he got on 'nicely' with Mr Barry and Mr O'Connor who had playfully 'taken the mickey' out of his gold shoes.

The all-rounder faces a single count of affray alongside Ryan Hale, also 27, and Ryan Ali, 28 – the two men he allegedly knocked out in a fight that left Ali with a shattered eye socket minutes after the nightclub row.

urors at Stokes' trial were today shown CCTV of when the fast bowler and teammate Alex Hales tried to regain entry to Mbargo after a night toasting England's win over the West Indies.

Mr Cunningham said he couldn't let them in because 'people would lose their jobs' and refused a bribe of £60 and then £300.

He said Stokes – who he called 'the ginger guy' throughout his evidence – then abused him because of his gold teeth and tattoos and said: 'He told me I looked like a c**t. I replied: 'Thanks very much'.'

Stokes stormed off after Mr Cunningham told him: 'If you want to start on someone, start on me' having refused to shake his hand and confronted him for flicking his cigarette butt.

Mr Cunningham confirmed he knew Kai Barry and William O'Connor from seeing them in Clifton Triangle and on Park Street.

'They were talking to each other, they are quite extravagant people. When they talk, their mannerisms are not as everyone else, they are a bit more flamboyant,' he said.

'The ginger guy picked up on this and started to take the Mick out of them.

'He started to mimic their actions. He didn't speak, he just made noises to sound like them because if you hear them speak they are quite high-pitched guys.

'They are quite effeminate guys and their voices are different. He made noises to try to copy them, not saying anything just making stupid noises. Just like hand gestures... camp gestures.

'They (Mr O'Connor and Mr Barry) just stood back. I do not think they were angry by what went on but they stood at the side.'

Mr Cunningham, who was stood two metres away with another doorman, added: 'The ginger guy shook my colleague's hand and he went to shake mine.

'I had no reason to shake his and then they left up the road - he was still annoyed at me as he walked off.'

The gay couple left with two friends - and the England teammates followed in their direction towards Queens Road, the court heard.

Stokes appeared in court on the second day of his trial. He, along with co-defendants Ryan Ali, 27, and Ryan Hale, 26, deny affray.

The England team were celebrating a victory over the West Indies while Ali and Hale were celebrating a promotion on the morning of the incident September 25.

Bristol Crown Court was shown CCTV of Stokes arriving at Mbargo with England teammates at around 11.30pm on September 24.

Stokes and Hales left the club just before 1am and returned in a taxi at 2.10am - ten minutes after it closed.

Mr Cunningham said his team of doormen would 'lose their jobs' if they let anyone in after 2am due to the licensing arrangement.

But Gordon Cole QC, defending for Stokes, said one of the gay men was seen entering through the front door after 2am.

Mr Cole added: 'I'm going to suggest to you there was no conversation [between you and Stokes] about your teeth.'

He said it was not accepted that his client's hand movement captured on CCTV amounted to a V-sign to Mr Cunningham.

Mr Cole said Mr Barry and Mr O'Connor were playing along and had 'taken the mickey' out of his shoes.

He said Stokes spoke to them 'nicely', adding: 'It is not homophobic behaviour, is it?'

Mr Cole suggested that when Stokes and Mr Hales returned to the club, it was Mr Cunningham being 'aggressive'.

'You were aggressive towards Mr Stokes and Mr Hales that night, Mr Cunningham?' Mr Cole asked. The witness replied: 'No.'

Mr Cole asked: 'When Mr Stokes and Mr Hales returned to the club you were immediately aggressive towards them. You were rude in the way you spoke to them.

Mr Cunningham replied: 'Definitely not. I never became aggressive. They were laughing and joking at them, not with them.'

Mr Cole suggested there was an exchange of 'mickey taking' between Stokes and Mr Hales and the two gay men. 'It was banter going on between four people outside the club,' he said.

Mr Cunningham replied: 'That's not how I would call it.'

Mr Stokes denies he gave the V-sign and said that he spent six minutes happily chatting to Mr Barry and Mr O'Connor in footage where Mr Hales was also 'doubled up with laughter'.

The court has been shown CCTV video footage of the street brawl where Stokes is seen repeatedly throwing punches.

Stokes was suspended from the England team after the incident and missed the Ashes series in Australia. He has since played in Test series against New Zealand and Pakistan and last week starred as England beat India at Edgbaston.

Stokes, of Castle Eden, Durham, Ali, of Bristol, and Hale, of Bristol, all deny affray.