In a scarcely believable interview, Leroy George has opened up on his season with Melbourne Victory in the A-League, while confirming he won't be resigning with the club.

Speaking to Vice, the Dutch winger describes how Victory won the Championship despite a "p*ssy" season where they finished 23 points behind Premier's Plate winners Sydney FC.

George, 31, was one of the standout players of the season, but in the translated interview he makes it clear what he thinks of the standard of the A-League.

"In the regular season we ended up as number four with more than twenty points less than the number one," George said.


"You can run a p*ssy season in Australia and then still celebrate a championship.

"The players appreciate you automatically if you have qualities. I showed it immediately. If a mediocre football player comes in, of course it works very differently. I quickly found my turn in Australian football.

"With respect for the A-League, but the level is not very high. I made nice goals and given a lot of assists."

George then went on to describe how Victory celebrated after beating the Newcastle Jets to claim the Championship.

"The party was certainly no less," he said.

"Those guys there know how to celebrate a championship. We only celebrated for a week. Crates of beer in the locker room, steps, and more of that sort of thing. Those teammates of mine have been serving the whole week.

"I sometimes drink something myself, but what those Australians do is really next level. Those guests were in the drink from 10 o'clock in the morning.

"At the end of the sport season, they also celebrate Mad Monday in Australia. It is a tradition and everyone has to dress up. I do not know exactly what that day entails, but it was really laugh. I was dressed up as a Formula 1 driver. Of course they started again at ten o'clock in the morning and ended it after midnight. Man, they know what parties are there."


George then revealed that he is in negotiations with three other A-League clubs, believed to be Sydney FC, the Western Sydney Wanderers and Melbourne City, after deciding not to renew his contract with Victory.

"I was greatly appreciated by the players, but unfortunately certain people have not fulfilled their appointments in conversation with my agent," he said.

"We had agreed that if I would perform well that would also be seen in the next contract. The club also wanted to extend, but then just for the same amount. And that after everything I've done there last year."