With all but four points between second and fourth in the championship standings, the tensions were high going into round six of our Project CARS 2 NZ Championship.

The racers launched straight into the foggy qualification at Donington Park, as the eight competitors gave their all to take pole position. Scott McQueen set a record for the track in the form of a 1 33.56 to settle himself as an instant favourite for the race.

McQueen found himself unable to hold the top peg however as Robert

Northway swooped into first position and began his conquest for the points.


He failed to hold on under pressure though as he spun himself down to 6th place and McQueen nabbed first.

McQueen claimed the 25 points, with Josh Ritchie in second and Jordan Pene in third. After this race the competition has grown tighter as the close chasing pack hunt down tournament leader Pene.

Heading over to Silverstone GP, the players began to prepare themselves for the wet track action. The grid ended up with Northway on top and Ritchie taking the second spot in the front row.

Rivals Ritchie and McQueen battled out as Ritchie hoped to create a separation beyond the five tenths established as the rain came in.

As the rain came pouring down Ritchie, McQueen and Jake Parker opted to stay out on the track instead of taking the early switch to wet tires. The choice to stay out proved advantageous as the three late pitters successfully made the jump into the top three spots.

Ritchie and McQueen began their push for the top two spots, but Ritchie struggled to shake off his competitor as the checkered flag approached. Ritchie however held on to his lead and took the bulk of the points after a fierce battle in the final lap.

Make sure to tune in next week as we return to Europe for our penultimate Project Cars 2 NZ Championship episode, live on SKY SPORT Tuesday at 7:30PM.