Athletics Australia Championships, Carrara Stadium, Gold Coast Queensland - 15/18 February 2018

Maddison Wesche won the shot put with a PB 16.45m. Holly Robinson won the F46 javelin throw with 40.66m. Second placings went to Zoe Hobbs 100m, Joseph Millar 200m, Ange Petty 800m and Ben Langton Burnell javelin throw. Third placings to Olivia McTaggart pole vault, Nicholas Southgate pole vault and Te Rina Keenan discus throw, Katrina Robinson set a New Zealand U/19 and U/19 1500m record of 4:14.05. Olivia Eaton now moves to fourth on the New Zealand 200m all-time list with her 23.39.

15 February: Holly Robinson F46 JT 40.66m (1). Brad Mathas 800m prelim 1:49.61 (2H1) DNQ. 100m prelim all NWI Livvy Wilson 12.06 (3H1) Q, Abby Goldie 11.97 (2H3) Q, Brooke Somerfield 12.18 (6H3) DNQ, Olivia Eaton 11.86 (2H5) Q, Zoe Hobbs 11.77 (1H6) Q. Jemima Tennekoon 400m prelim 55.98 PB (4H1) DNQ. Katrina Robinson 1500m prelim 4:14.34 (2H2) Q, (New Zealand U/19 and U/18 records, breaking Jenny Overalls 1982 U/19 record of 4:14.50. Robinson now holds the U/18 and U/19 1500m records outright as well as the U/18 3000m and U/19 5000m records all set within the last three months). PV prelim Imogen Ayris 3.90m q, Olivia McTaggart 3.90m q, Eliza McCartney 3.90m q, Hannah Philpot 3.75m DNQ.

16 February: Brent Newdick decathlon, 100m 11.34 (+1.7) 786, LJ 7.12m +3.9) 842, SP 13.68m 709, HJ 1.80m 627, 400m 52.89 686. Laura Overton JT prelim 46.51m q, Tori Peeters 45.43m q. Simon Rogers 1500m prelim 3:44.72 (4H2) q. Angie Petty 800m prelim 2:02.78 (1H2) Q, Katrina Anderson 2:05.48 (2H4) q, Ellen Schaef 2:07.32 (4H2) DNQ, Jemima Tennekoon 2:12.98 (8H1) DNQ. 100m semi-finals Abby Goldie 11.97 (-0.5) (4H1) DNQ, Olivia Eaton 11.88 (+1.1) (3H2) DNQ, Zoe Hobbs 11.66 (+0.9) (1H3) Q, Livvy Wilson 12.01 (+0.9) (6H3) DNQ. Nicholas Southgate PV prelim 4.90m (1F1) q, James Steyn 4.60m DNQ. Camille Buscomb 5000m 15:49.55 (6). Zoe Hobbs 100m final 11.70 (-0.4) (2). Warren Button HT 60.86m PB (7).

17 February: Brent Newdick decathlon, 110m H 15.86 (-1.4) 749, DT 41.92m 704, PV 4.4m 731, JT 55.13m 665, 1500m 4:45.71 645, total points 7144 (5). 200m women prelim Brooke Somerfield 25.10 (-1.2) (5H1) DNQ, Olivia Eaton 23.93 (-0.8) (1H3) Q, Zoe Hobbs 24.38 (-0.6) (3H4) Q, Abby Goldie 24.72 (-1.8) (4H6) q, Livvy Wilson 25.08 (-1.8) (6H6) DNQ. 200m men prelim Joseph Millar 20.98 (-1.2) (1H5) Q. Benjamin Langton Burnell JT prelim 74.99m (1) q, Alex Wood 67.25m (12) DNQ. James Sandilands 110m H prelim 14.82 (+0.8) (4H2) q, DNS in final. Fiona Morrison 100m H 13.71 (+0.3) (2H1) Q, final 13.78 (+1.1) (5). Mackenzie Keenan 400m H semi 58.09 PB (3H1) Q. Pole vault Olivia McTaggart 4.10m (3), Imogen Ayris 3.95m (5), Eliza McCartney NH. Brad Mathas 800m B final 1:59.85 (8). Katrina Robinson 1500m 4:14.05 (5) further improvement on the New Zealand U/19 and U/18 records. Javelin throw Tori Peeters 47.28m (8), Laura Overton 44.88m (10). Maddison Wesche SP 16.45m PB (1). Will ONeill Para-Athlete 100m T35 14.34 (-0.9) (8).

18 February: Olivia Eaton 200m semi 24.09 (2S1) Q, final 23.39 (-1.7) PB (4), now fourth on New Zealand all-time list. Zoe Hobbs 200m semi 24.11 (+0.9) (2S3) Q, final 24.16 (-1.7) (7). Abby Goldie 200m semi 24.56 (+0.9) (4S3) DNQ. Joseph Millar 200m semi 21.08 (-0.4) (1S3) Q, final 20.60 (-2.1) (2). Nicholas Southgate PV 5.25m (3). Will ONeill Para-Athlete 200m T35 31.01 (-1.3) (16). Te Rina Keenan DT 56.39m (3), Siositina Hakeai DT 56.04m (4). Mackenzie Keenan 400m H 59.22 (6). Ben Langton Burnell JT 78.20m (2). Simon Rogers 1500m 3:46.86 (10). Ange Petty 800m 2:00.73 (2), Katrina Anderson 2:03.22 PB (4). Ellen Schaef 800m B final 2:06.81 (2).


Athletic Auckland Championships, Mt Smart Stadium - 16/18 February 2018

Joshua Hawkins won the 100m in 11.09 and the 110m hurdles in 14.33. Michael Goldie 100m 11.22 and 200m 22.48. Tama Toki 400m 49.62. Theo Quax 800m 1:56.04. Peter Wheeler 1500m 3:55.65 from Quax 3:55.72 and Ben Moynihan 3:56.77. Liam Speer LJ 6.83m and HJ 1.95m. Ebuka Okpala TJ 15.15m. Ettiene Du Preez PV 4.40m. Symone Tafunai 100m 12.29. Portia Bing 200m 25.05, disaster in the 400m H falling on the hurdle at the top of the straight. Brooke Cull 400m 56.01. Esther Keown 800m 2:11.50. Lucy Jacobs 1500m 4:36.44 from Maiya Christini 4:40.84. Rochelle Coster 100m H 13.64. Corinne Smith 3000m RW 15:34.93. Diana Ismagilova LJ 5.38m and TJ 11.88m PB. Ella Pilkington HT 46.01m. Stephanie Wrathall JT 48.91m. Mike Parker 3000m RW 15:57.54. Sam Cadwallader 3000m steeplechase 914mm 9:48.83. Anthony Nobilo 6kg HT 61.05m. Nikolas Kini 5kg SP 16.12m PB. Matthew Eady 400m 51.81 PB. Dominic Overend U/18 100m 11.03 (-0.1) and LJ 6.35m (+0.2). Tommy Te Puni U/18 200m 22.64 (-2.0) PB. Jayden Williamson B14 HJ 1.98m (record), DT 46.36m. Daymon Shute B14 100m 11.64 (+0.1), 200m 23.47 (+0.4).

Percy Maka B12 3kg SP 15.30m (record), DT 45.85m (record). Nadia Evans won four events in the G13 grade, 100m 12.82 (-0.2), 200m 26.38 (-2.0), 400m 62.51 and LJ 4.90m (-0.4). Jessie Honey G12 800m 2:20.35 (record).

Auckland City Athletics meeting, Mt Smart Stadium, 14 February 2018: Damilare Dye 100m 11.47 (-0.8). Tama Toki 400m 49.56. Zach Keenan 3000m 9:10.08. Ciaran Faherty 5000m 15:17.58, Jono Jackson 15:17.64, Jack Moody 15:22.07. Isabella Richardson 3000m 10:13.09.

North Shore Bays throws meeting, AUT Millennium Stadium, 13 February: Matthew Bloxham HT 59.65m. Caleb Koko 4kg HT 42.50m PB. Centaine Noom-Duckworth 3kg HT 42.18m PB. Logan Pringle 5kg HT 39.43m.


Athletics Manawatu Wanganui Championships, Cooks Gardens - 13 February 2018

Genna Maples 100m 12.59 w -0.7 (1), LJ 5.32m (+0.5) (1), Sophie Williams 100m 12.97 w -0.7 (2), Zac Topping 100m 11.23 w -1.1 (1), Scott Burch 400m 49.63 (1), Zac Topping 400m 50.27 (2), Braydan Grant 400m, 50.73 (3), Harrison Porritt 400m 51.28 (4), Travis Bayler 400m 51.90 (5), Emma Osborne 400m 57.29 (1), Tayla Brunger 400m 58.03 (2), Liam Back 1500m 3:56.80 (1) PB, William Sinclair 1500m 3:56.99 (2) PB, Isaac Murphy 1500m 4:04.77, Rebecca Baker 1500m 4:42.92 (1), Tessa Webb 1500m 4:54.98 (2), Saarah Lambert 1500m 4:57.91 (3), Ashleigh Alabaster 1500m 4:59.09 PB, Sophie Andrews SP 3 Kg 11.96m (1) PB, Lexi Maples SP 4 Kg 10,95m (1), Nathan Lewer SP 7.26 Kg 10.45m (1), Sophie Andrews HT 3 Kg 36.90m (1), Lexi Maples HT 4kg 37.18m (1), Reuben Brown LJ 6.63m w+ 0.2 (1).


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Rawhiti Domain - 17 February 2018

Scott Walker 60m 7.12, 100m 11.19 (+0.7). Louis Andrews 400m 51.70. William Stedman Para-Athlete LJ 5.09m (+1.6). Tim McKee PV 4.42m. Jesse Bryant LJ 7.40m (+2.0). Rory McSweeney F44 JT 45.56m, Jared Neighbours JT 45.04m. Zinan Bennett 300m H 42.77. Sophie Glover 800m 2:20.09 mx. Ariana Harper 1500m 4:50.53 mx. Navajo Prentice 3000m 10:40.36 mx. Hillary Harper 100m 12.60 (+2.0). Maia Broughton 200m 25.38 (+3.5). Lauren Bruce DT 44.86m, HT 61.04m. Tationa Kaumoana DT 42.08m, HT 37.64m. Caitlin Bonne JT 42.85m. Jaidyn Busch 3kg SP 14.17m. Haidee Middlewood 3kg HT 42.56m.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground - 17 February 2018

Schuyler Orr 60m 7.10, 100m 11.20 (-0.1), 200m 22.61 (+2.3). Fiona Centers 60m 7.98, 100m 12.38 (-0.1), 200m 24.78 (+2.3). Jared Monk 800m 1:57.79. Nathan Hill 3000m 8:47.73. Tara McNally 300m H 46.74. Cameron Moffit 300m H 40.44. Dyani Shepherd-Oates 4kg HT 43.05m. Anton Schroder 800g JT 55.51m.


Camel City Invitational, Winston-Salem, 3 February: Christian Conder 3000m 9:00.85 (9R3).

Crossroads League, Marion, 9 February: Joseph Beamish 5000m 15:16.10 (1).

David Hemery Valentine Invitational, Boston, 10 February: Jared Lautenslager 3000m 8:31.26 PB (2R8). Angus White 3000m 8:31.40 PB (11R7). Holly Manning 1000m 2:44.83 PB (3).

Husky Classic, Seattle, 10 February: Daniel Hintz mile 4:06.00 PB (1H2). Jeff Lautenslager mile 4:03.93 PB (2R5). Harry Ewing 3000m 8:21.33 PB (6H2). Kerry White 800m 2:12.30 (7R6). Grace McConnochie 5000m 16:11.74 PB (3R2).

Iowa State Classic, Ames, 10 February: Bailey Stewart 200m 22.04 (2R3), 400m 48.38 (4R2). Alison Andrews-Paul 800m 2:06.84 (6). Jordan Rackham De Spong 800m 1:52.82 (3R6).

Gorilla Classic, Pittsburg, 10 February: Christopher Goodwin TJ 13.96m (16).

Music City Challenge, Nashville, 10 February: Hannah Miller mile 4:45.01 PB (6), 5000m 16:26.76 (4). Anneke Grogan 3000m 9:58.91 PB (18), 5000m 17:42.16 (30). Atipa Mabonga LJ 5.25m (19), TJ 12.40m (7).

UW Open, Seattle, 11 February: Joshua Browne 800m 1:55.28 (5R1). Chris Brake HJ 1.95m (4).

Simplot Games, Pocatello Idaho, 17 February: Josephine Reeves HJ 1.80m PB (1). Ellie Harley-Langton TJ 11.45m (11). Faith Araba TJ 11.20m (13).


New Zealand mile champion in 1948 and 1950, Jack Sinclair of Auckland died on Sunday 11 February 2018 aged 90.

He won the title representing Otago in Dunedin in 1948 in 4:23.4 and in Napier in January 1950 in a New Zealand resident record of 4:13.5, breaking Randolph Roses record of 4:13.6 set in March 1926. He was New Zealand Universities 880 yards champion 1947-48 and mile champion and record holder 1948-49.

Sinclair went on to represent New Zealand at the 1950 Auckland British Empire Games where he was third in his mile heat in 4:19.8 and sixth in the final in 4:20.0.

He was Emeritus and Foundation professor of Physiology at the University of Auckland Medical School and he was a patron and coach at the Auckland University Athletic Club. Along with a number of other noted athletes, John Dutch Holland, Arthur Lydiard, Les Mills, Peter Snell, Rod Heeps and Rex Maddaford, Sinclair was educated at Mt Albert Grammar School.

Former New Zealand womens javelin throw champion Ngaire Hanrahan of Nelson died on Tuesday 13 February 2018 aged 70 after suffering from cancer. As Ngaire Higgs she won the title in 1967 in Lower Hutt throwing 40.44m.

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