Wallaby coach Michael Cheika's expletive-laiden outburst at alleged cheating has provoked a strong response.

Writing in the Australian Courier Mail rugby journalist Jim Tucker says Cheika's "f---ing cheats" shout from the Twickenham grandstand during the Wallabies 30-6 loss to England tarnished him as a bad loser and eroded the "no excuses" culture he demands of his team.

The issue escalated with a gruff exchange with a TV interviewer who asked him about the reaction following the wet-weather test.

"No, I never said ... what are you talking (about)? Is that really what it's come to?" an exasperated Cheika said of a gaffe picked up by lip-reading.


"Yeah maybe I did swear. It happens sometimes in life ... I'm sure you have as well."
Tucker said Australian rugby fans want a coach like Cheika who is passionate, fierce, funny, frank, full of strong opinions and drives his team brilliantly to wins over the All Blacks.

"They don't want to google www.rugby.com.au to find it stands for World.Wide.Whingers.

"The world is sadly beyond mock offence at the "F-word" but it still demands dignity from those in charge of national teams, swear words being shouted into a raised elbow for disguise and shelving boorish bleats like 'cheats'."

Tucker said Cheika was out of order and gave a lame explanation that letting his anger and frustration bubble out immediately was best for him.

"That's my own way of dealing with stuff. I like to get it out and get on with things," Cheika said.

"It's not like it's affecting anyone else."

Tucker said maybe, only the image of the Wallabies because this is not an isolated venting.

Cheika's fuse blew with his knee-jerk line and sarcastic handclapping when no-try was called on skipper Michael Hooper for being off-side at the 26-minute mark.
Even the phlegmatic Hooper was nonplussed because he thought he'd adapted to initially being off-side when Tevita Kuridrani toed ahead on the wet turf.


"I thought I worked back, hands in the air and Marika (Koroibete), who was onside, kicked the ball, and put me onside," Hooper said.

"That is why I went at the ball and got it over the tryline," Hooper said.